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Sinaran Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.,
No. 22527-D, Lot 11, Jalan Empat, Bakar Arang Industrial Estate,
, Sungai Petani , Kedah

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Contact Information

Contact Name Mr. Tan Kan Hock
Address 1 No. 22527-D, Lot 11, Jalan Empat, Bakar Arang Industrial Estate,
State / Province Kedah
City Sungai Petani
Zip/Postal Code 08007
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Sinaran Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., previously known as Kameyama Candle (M) Sdn. Bhd., incorporated in Malaysia in 1975. We are the largest exclusive candle manufacturer and exporter in Malaysia.

We export 100% of our products, mainly to USA, Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other Asia Pacific countries. We have the capabilities to meet your requirements. Our combined production capacities are 700 tons per month or approximately 70 containers per month, with approximately 1,200 skilled workers.

We are recognized worldwide as a reliable manufacturer and exporter of quality wax products for a variety of occasions. Our products include Basic, Round, Square, Pillar, Dinner, Votive, Tealight, Sphere, Floating, Metallic, Twist, Taper, Spiral, Luminous, Hexagon, Frosted, Stripe, Collaboration, Legume, Bamboo, Heart, Holly Berry, Christmas, Novelty, Halloween, Easter, Outdoor, Pot, Antique and decorative candles. Besides the manufacturing of candles for religious and daily use, we also produce beautifully crafted Art candles for numerous occasions, be it a simple gift or a beacon outdoor.