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Vinawood Ltd
Lot 38-43 Linh Trung II, EPZ Binh Chieu Ward,
Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City

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Vinawood Ltd. is a global leading manufacturing company that
specializes in finished wood blind and shutter components.

Dedicated to accentuating the splendor of nature's finest element: wood.

To enhance the ambiance of an interior space, the furnishings need to be as distinct as the patrons whose movement affirms it. At Vinawood Ltd. we address today's interior design needs by producing customized wooden decor of highest quality and flair. As a leading world-wide supplier of wood blind and shutter components, we are proud to offer products in a variety of finishes while satisfying the particular tastes of each customer. We further welcome all originally exciting ideas our customers envision and commit to transforming them into reality through our versatile production practices and innovative spirit. Understanding how a surrounding can influence an individual's disposition, Vinawood inspires to enrich your environment with the warmest furnishings so that you always feel your best.