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Fine Furniture(Shanghai) Limited
No. 66 Tao Yuan Road Donghai
Nanhui District , Shanghai

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Fine Furniture was formed with a desire to truly create a different company. Utilizing the latest technology and manufacturing advances, the company has paved new grounds in upper-end furniture and flooring manufacturing and design. Fine Furniture Design & Marketing (FFDM) and LM Flooring; subsidiaries of Fine Furniture, provide the highest standards in furniture and flooring products.

Fine Furniture was inspired by a conversation that began with questions that asked ¡°What If¡­
¡­our furniture designs reflected the tastes and desires of real people rather than the designers favorite looks?
¡­we invested in excellence in materials, design, engineering and service rather than advertising, ¡°name ¡° designers and promotions?
¡­we provided detailed product training for our consumers and salespeople?
¡­our furniture collections focused on a few wonderful pieces rather than collections with scores of pieces?
¡­our retailers considered us their supplier of choice for products and service?
¡­every piece of our furniture makes our customers and retailers feel like the had received wonderful value for their investment?

These ¡°What if¡± statements have evolved into an international home furnishings company with the right DNA to seek the best business and to deliver on promises made. After all, our definition of success includes equal measures of excellent product, and customers and retailers who feel that they have received outstanding value and service.